Root CanalsManhattan, NY

Dr. Jocelyn Tan-Chu provides root canal therapy for teeth that are damaged and diseased and recommends this option whenever possible to avoid a tooth extraction. Maintaining the natural tooth for as long as possible is the focus of modern restorative dentistry due to the benefits this provides for long term dental health. In many cases, Dr. Tan-Chu will perform a root canal in her Manhattan dental office.

About the Procedure

A “root canal” actually refers to the area inside of the tooth where the tooth pulp and nerves are located. Although most patients are anxious about a root canal, the procedure is typically no more painful than a dental filling. The root canal will alleviate the pain often associated with an infected or diseased tooth, restoring oral health and helping patients maintain their natural smile. During the procedure, Dr. Tan-Chu and her staff will make very effort to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable.

Once the root canal is complete, the tooth will be sealed with a dental filling to prevent future infection. Dr. Tan-Chu may recommend placing a dental crown after the root canal is complete to strengthen the tooth and ensure its integrity for years to come.