Invisible Braces Manhattan, NY

Invisible braces have been a breakthrough for orthodontic treatment. They provide a more comfortable, convenient and efficient option for many teen and adult patients. Clear aligners are for patients that that want or need orthodontic treatment but do not want the hassle of traditional metal braces.

Dr. Tan is a Clear Correct provider in Manhattan and often recommends this cosmetic treatment option for patients needing mild to moderate orthodontia to address dental health or cosmetic concerns.

ClearCorrect: About the Procedure

To begin your treatment, Dr. Tan will take impressions of your teeth to be used for treatment planning. A series of custom, clear aligners will be made that are to be worn daily for the duration of your treatment.

The aligners will typically be changed every 1-2 weeks as they gradually move teeth into the desired position. During treatment with Clear Correct, you can remove the aligners for brushing, flossing or eating to help reduce the incidence of tooth decay or gum disease. Our dental care team will monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure a great result.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

Most people consider crooked or misaligned teeth to be a cosmetic issue and do not realize that they can also be the cause of dental health problems. Crooked teeth can be difficult to brush and floss, raising the risk of tooth decay and gum disease

Crooked teeth can also contribute to an imbalanced bite, which is often the underlying cause of TMJ and associated symptoms. Straightening your teeth will not only enhance your natural smile, but will support long term oral health.