Airway Issues & Sleep Apnea in Children

New York City dentist Dr. Jocelyn Tan-Chu continues to advance her education in the field of sleep apnea treatment and airway issues in children and adults. Taking courses in early diagnosis, Dr. Tan-Chu is coming to better understand the way in which tongue and jaw muscles dictate facial growth and breathing development in children. Dr. Tan-Chu most recently took a course in tongue tie, facial development, and breathing issues.

Sleep apnea is a complex, and sometimes life-threatening condition that can affect patients of all ages. Children and adults are both susceptible to developing breathing and airway issues affecting their quality of sleep, and life. Early diagnosis and intervention of airway issues are essential for preventing further complications.

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The Trouble with Tongue Tie

Tongue tie is typically noticed during infancy. The frenulum, the small strip of skin that attaches the tongue to the base of the mouth, is too tight or short, restricting the child’s ability to use the full range of motion of their tongue. Tongue tie restricts the maxillary arch from properly developing and can exacerbate airway or breathing issues.  Left untreated, tongue tie can lead to chronic mouth breathing, constricted dental arches, and sleep apnea. Treating tongue tie is commonly a simple outpatient procedure that is safe to perform on very young children.

Screening Children for Sleep Apnea

While many patients associate sleep apnea with adult males, breathing issues may begin in childhood. Dr. Tan-Chu encourages patients to have their children evaluated for signs of airway or breathing issues.

Screening your child for airway obstructions could help your child avoid developing sleep apnea and many other associated oral and systemic health complications later on in life.  Tongue tie is commonly diagnosed at a young age and can be treated early on in development to prevent future complications. Dr. Tan-Chu will also screen for enlarged adenoids or tonsils and monitors mouth-breathers for any indication of sleep apnea.

Treating Sleep Apnea, NYC

Dr. Tan-Chu’s advanced training in sleep apnea conditions and her comprehensive, modern approach to oral health give him the skill set to effectively treat patients for sleep apnea.  Dr. Tan-Chu works with patients to provide personalized care that addresses any airway issues, lifestyle habits and the subsequent effects on the teeth and gums. If you, your partner or your child are suffering from airway issues, contact our New York City dentist office to learn more about treating complex oral health problems.