How Much Sugar is in Your Beverage?

New York City dentist Dr. Jocelyn Tan-Chu is just as excited as you to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! BBQs, biking, running, badminton in the park, whatever gets you outside and active makes spring the most exciting season of the year. But all that running around and socializing brings on fruity beverages, sports drinks, and sodas. These sugar packed liquids can take a toll on your health, and especially your oral health.

Sugar Intake & Beverages

Many patients do not even realize how much sugar is hiding in their beverages. One glass of apple juice could meet your entire daily quota for sugar. So if you are guzzling down a soda at your afternoon bbq and drinking a margarita with dinner, you have consumed more than enough sugar for the whole party. Sugar can cause weight gain, and cause cavities. Sugar left behind on your teeth feeds harmful oral bacteria that leaves behind a potent acid. This acid is what causes tooth decay and enamel erosion. Patients who consume higher levels of sugar tend to experience more cavities than those with lower sugar intake.

Moderation For Oral Health

Drink your sugar in moderation. And when you do have a sugary drink try to drink water with it or after to wash away the particles building up on your teeth. It is also recommended to drink the whole drink in one sitting instead of slowly sipping it. Sipping your drink over an extended period of time allows the sugar to linger longer in your mouth.

You can also opt out of sugary drinks. Instead, try drinking unsweet tea, milk, or water. Milk and water both help your oral health. Milk has calcium that helps strengthen teeth and fluoridated water can help wash away food and sugar particles keeping your mouth cleaner.

Always be sure to brush and floss at least twice a day, more if you consume more sugar. Also be sure to visit our New York City dentist office twice a year for professional dental cleanings. Dr. Tan-Chu provides comprehensive oral health exams to help you keep your or oral health in check. Preventive dental care can keep you from developing advanced dental concerns requiring complex dental treatments.

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